How it started

Douglas Tompkins and Susie Tompkins-Buell founded The North Face together. The idea came by them when they went hiking on North Beach in San Francisco in 1966. They loved to go explore on adventures together. Therefore they wanted to create a company that could provide the highest quality outdoor clothing and equipment. The target audience are explorers who wanted to go on extreme adventures like themselves.

They named their company after the least forgiving side of a mountain. Since its creation The North Face has expanded its size rapidly. As a result, it became one of the biggest suppliers of outdoor clothing and equipment internationally. Furthermore, the company now sponsors countless expeditions every year for wide scale of extreme adventures.

The North Face logo
The North Face logo


The values of Woolrich expressed in the symbol of the original Arctic Parka. This authentic American-made product became so famous that it symbolizes the clothing category it falls under. This cotton and nylon jacket, with a Teflon coating, lined with goose down and trimmed with fur from prairie wolves. Guarantees warmth and protection, even under the most extreme conditions. The Cordura Military Jacket, an aviator jacket, is an item that is very popular among young people. In the women’s collection, it is the Boulder jacket that clearly dominates. This jacket with an extremely feminine fit and rabbit fur finish that is very popular in Europe, has since become a cult item.