The Start

Founded in 1830, Woolrich INC. Is the oldest well-known clothing company in the world. Although originally from the United States of America its name comes from the Woolrich-mill and the town. John Rich founded it. However despite its old age, the company has remained faithful to the character and values of its founder. By combining well-made technical performance with insight into present values and responding to the demands of modern city life.

Woolrich Logo- Since 1830

Over the history of Woolrich INC. the company has made a lot of different products, however it all started with their original wool blankets for lumberjacks. During the American Civil War, these blankets, renamed “Civil War Blankets,” were given to soldiers. For instance these blankets had the purpose to comply with the coping of the difficult life that the war brought and soften its extreme conditions. Similarly just like the work clothing produced for the workers on the oil pipelines, it offered protection against the harsh weather conditions in Alaska.

Woolrich is expanding

Firstly thanks to an inspiration from W.P. Lavori (an Italian company) in Corso, Woolrich was going to expand into Europe , above all this Woolrich developed into one of the coolest and most popular clothing brands. ” Simplicity, Warmth, Resistance, Sustainability and Comfort” serve as a guideline for Woolrich. The search for fabrics, the affinity with details, lines, fit, durability, heat and protection are characteristics that make this brand a symbol for anyone who wants to express a relaxed but recognizable lifestyle with clothing. W.P. has mastered these values and developed the brand in such a way that successful throughout Europe. Woolrich is expanding further in Europe. After Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Woolrich also conquered the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, France, England and Russia. This development isn’t going to be just for Europa. The Woolrich collection expected to soon be on display is also for Canada and Japan.

Woolrich Three Models


The values of Woolrich expressed in the symbol of the original Arctic Parka. This authentic American-made product became so famous that it symbolizes the clothing category it falls under. This cotton and nylon jacket, with a Teflon coating, lined with goose down and trimmed with fur from prairie wolves. Guarantees warmth and protection, even under the most extreme conditions. The Cordura Military Jacket, an aviator jacket, is an item that is very popular among young people. In the women’s collection, it is the Boulder jacket that clearly dominates. This jacket with an extremely feminine fit and rabbit fur finish that is very popular in Europe, has since become a cult item.

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