A month ago, The North Face had announced that it would be adding the “AirFlow” case to its Black Series Spring/Summer 2019 Collection. Now the North Face has announced it’s plans to further expand its spring collection. The North Face plans to do so with its “Urban Exploration Line”.

North Face New collection

The Collection

In particular, The North Face “Urban Exploration” is divulging another new “Limitless” Collection. Billed as a run of “refined, contemporary and most important functional” pieces impelled and affected by minimalistic design. For instance, consistent craftmanship and downplayed styling. Made for the people whose fashion choice blend in with the modern cities of this era. The North Face Exploration’s “Limitless” Spring 2019 Collection highlights basic yet luxury specialized TechStyle. The brand sets it apart by its clean outlines. Well-adjusted fits and style. The North Face said in an official statement that these garments are intended for those who quickly change situations; “from office to casual, night to day and dry and wet climate”. The North Face’s innovative engineers revived the Urban Exploration sub-name to make apparel that perfectly captures the idea of dynamic, well-made streetwear. Now this latest collection proceeds with that dedication.

North Face new Collection Jacket

The colors

The colorways that embellish the outside of The North Face Urban Exploration’s most recent products take from a “natural earthlike palette” made up of “Exotic Green, Clean White and Urban Navy colors”. All of which are basically made of black, white and grey tones. Most notable, standout selections from this collection include the well-made DWR-covered G8 Jacket, the Gore-Tex Field Coach Jacket and finally the City Jacket. Which takes its essential uplifting prompts from military outerwear.

The North Face New Jacket

Beautiful Photos

Below I’ve accumulated a few items from the North Face Urban Exploration’s ‘Limitless” Spring 2019 collection. In my opinion these new pieces from The North Face are looking extremely well made. However we’ve to wait how the quality is in real life to judge if they’re worth their price.

The North Face New Collection AD